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de-sign (v)
To conceive or fashion in the mind; invent.
To create or execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner.

pa-ram-e-ter (n)
Any factor that determines a range of variations and especially to a factor that restricts what can result from a process or policy.
Established in 1996, DESIGN PARAMETERS, LLC is a full-service Architectural Design, Interiors and Illustration Firm.
We believe that there are no parameters to design. No limitations. No boundaries. Our work over the past several years reflects this best in our commitment to our clients. With effective communication and open channels, anything can be designed and built.
We specialize in the Restaurant Hospitality Industry as well as the Retail Industry. If you browse our project images you will find that our clientele consists of both small "Mom and Pop" companies as well as Publicly Traded companies, all which we work with both nationally and locally. We treat each of our clients as if they were our sole income provider, catering to their needs and providing them with the scope of services they want.
In today's world, presenting and selling a design depends on effective communication of a concept. This is why we also offer the leading edge technology in computer illustration services to our clients as a finished product or as a conceptual study.




Owner and Founder of Design Parameters, Jeff has been working with restaurant concepts and design for over 20 years. His experience over the years has established his company with numerous national and local brands that have had great success and accolades over the years.



Long time colleague and partner to this firm, Chad's experience goes beyond design and management , but into construction, 3D imagery and establishment of this firm as a recognizable brand.

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